Jose Elizalde for Goshen Community School Board District 3

An accomplished leader with years of experience, Jose cares for our community and the future of Public Education. As an immigrant and educated Latinx, he recognizes the struggles facing Goshen Community Schools. He endeavors to ensure GCS remains strong and viable for years to come.

More than ever, your vote makes a difference.

Improving Goshen Schools

Discover Jose's Key Goals

Continue to increase teacher salaries

As a board member, I have voted yearly to increase teacher salaries. I feel strongly that the teacher shortage is due partly to low wages. We must continue growing salaries to recognize education as a professional career properly.

Continue to increase student standardized test scores

As a board member, I have advocated for new ways to teach students and increase their test scores. I believe that every student can learn. I know our student demographics present challenges other school districts do not have. However, I know we must continue to expect greatness from our students. I believe our teachers are among the best, and they will continue to do great work.

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Continue to be fiscally responsible

As a board member, I know the millions of dollars we have lost since the State of Indiana voted to change how public schools are funded. We continue to receive less than we should. This increases the need to be fiscally responsible. I will continue to stress “living within our budget” while providing the best education possible with the resources we are allowed.

Increase the Dual Language Program

As a bilingual, bicultural person I understand the benefits of knowing multiple languages. One of the most successful programs we have at the elementary level is the Dual Language program at Waterford Elementary School. It is so popular that there is a waiting list to enroll students. I would like to see this program expanded to other elementary schools. This program can change the lives of all our students for the better, increasing economic value in careers.

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Increase dual college credits

I have a child in his second year of college and another who will enter college next year. I am fully aware of how expensive college is. One way to help our students reach their college aspirations is to help them obtain college credits in high school. I will continue to advocate for the increase of dual college credits. Other school districts around us are doing this. It is the right thing to do.

Increase parent & guardian involvement

I became involved with my children's education when they were attending Model Elementary school. I was impressed by the teachers' quality and education level my children were receiving. However, I was disappointed to learn that not enough parents and guardians were involved in the schools. Breaking cultural and linguistic barriers is a challenge, but we have improved. I want to continue to increase adults' involvement because I know that the success of our students increases when parents and guardians get involved.

Ensure all of our students feel welcome, safe, valued and supported

For the most part, my children have had a positive experience at GCS. However, they have noticed that not all students feel valued and embraced. As an immigrant, I know how it feels not to be fully welcomed. I am committed to ensuring all our students, regardless of birthplace, gender, ability, or ethnicity, feel welcome, safe, valued, and supported. It is the right thing to do. We know that students thrive when they are fully welcomed and supported.

Know Your Candidate

Learn about Jose Elizalde

“I was born in Mexico City. At the age of ten, my family and I moved to Chicago. I’m first generation immigrant, bilingual, and bicultural. I first came to Goshen in 1990 to attend college. I graduated from Goshen College in 1993 and continued my education, receiving my M.Div. in 1997.

After working for Mennonite Church USA congregations for over 12 years across Illinois, Texas, and Indiana, my family and I returned to Goshen in 2007. For the past 15 years, I have been a stay-home dad, a Community Organizer for LaCasa, Inc., a Service Coordinator for First Steps, and a Student Success Counselor for Ivy Tech Community College. My two children are products of Goshen Community Schools. My son is now a sophomore at Boston Conservatory, and my daughter is a senior at Goshen High School.

I am thrilled to be living in Goshen. This community is comprised of truly amazing people. My children have received an excellent education. However, we do have some challenges. As a Board Member, I pledge to you that I will continue to endeavor for the betterment of GCS. I will always look forward, not backward.

In this election, your vote matters more than ever. Voters will decide if they want to continue with progress or a return to the past with outdated ideologies and dangerous policies. I ask for your vote. It would be my honor and privilege to continue serving my community as a GCS Board Member.

Thank you!”

Leadership Experience

5 years as a Goshen School Board member

7 years on the Board of Overseers for Hesston College

7 years as a member of the City of Goshen Mayor's Latino Advisory Council


B.A. from Goshen College

Graduate Work, Eastern Mennonite Seminary

M.Div. from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School


12 years as a minister for Mennonite Church USA

Current Ivy Tech Goshen/Elkhart Student Success Counselor

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